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Performance Book Scanners

Due to the combination of V-Shape book scan technology with integrated automation processes – based on mechatronic development – the Qidenus Mastered Book Scan 3.0 is clearly classified as most efficient manual system on the market.

Digitisation service bureaus and endcustomers all over the world prove that.

The V-shape system is manufactured in 80°. Latest CMOS sensors deliver outstanding image quality. Every movement of the machine is automated. Pageturning is done manually by the operator.Construction and material usage is clearly configured for large scale digitisation and 24/7 operation.


  • Unique semi-automated system
  • Unrivaled scan throughput
  • Models available: A3+/A2/A2+/A1
  • Latest CMOS high-quality capturing
Scanner Type Semi automated system / manual Innovative high speed system, “no button” technology, movements are fully automated, Complete System Control üer light sensor curtain, turning of page is done manually
Color 24bit color, 8bit grey, 1 bit b/w
Optical Resolution Option1: 1:300ppi optical Option 2: 2:400ppi optical
Scan area A 1 system open book: 760mm x 580mm // per page: 380mm x 580mm
Scan area A2 + model Open book: 640mm x 480mm // per page: 320mm x 480mm
Scan area A2 model Open book: 600mm x 440mm // per page: 300mm x 440mm
Scan area A3+ odel Open book: 560mm x 370mm // per page: 280mm x 370mm
Capturing technology MOS Sensors, 12MPIX – 36MPIX per sensor, on demand 40MPIX – 60MPIX available
File formats ao:JPEG, TIFF, RAW, PDF, PDF OCR, XML
Max. cycle speed 1.400 pages per hour
Max book thickness 160 mm
Glass 80° V-Shape, 3mm real glass, especially coated
Lightning LED cold light, constant illumination, no UV emission
Software included QiScan Software Suite: comprehensive SW for image processing, quality control, data conversion, workflow management and OCR
Operating system DELL Quadcore i5/2,3 HGz, 4GB RAM, 4TB HD Storage, Win 7/64bit Pro


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