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Our solutions

Are you a company looking to improve communications and optimize the management of incoming information flows?

Our company offers innovative software and hardware solutions to meet your needs:

  • Intelligent information capture : Thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence technology, we are able to efficiently process various types of documents such as invoices, purchase orders, microfiches, forms, and many more.
  • Scanning and archiving : We offer complete document management solutions, from initial scanning to secure archiving. With our expertise, you can simplify and streamline the management of your documents, guaranteeing their accessibility and security at all times.

Are you active in the field of automotive safety?

We offer advanced solutions to greatly simplify and improve your processes:

  • License plate reading : Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we have developed the ability to read license plates from images. This allows you to obtain relevant vehicle information quickly and easily.
  • Real-time alerts and storage: Our system offers efficient data storage and generates real-time alerts, allowing you to continuously monitor important events and movements related to automotive safety.

Do you operate in the healthcare, administration or customs sectors?

We offer invaluable assistance in identifying faces on items such as health insurance cards and passports:

  • Person identification from a photo : Thanks to our advanced facial recognition technology, we can quickly and accurately identify faces on ID documents such as health insurance cards or passports.
  • Matching extracted information with documents : Our system can also extract and compare relevant information from these documents, facilitating authentication and identity verification procedures.

Do you work in the heritage sector, in a museum, library or as a subcontractor?

We specialize in simplifying and improving various facets of your work:

  • Archiving and conservation : Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, we offer advanced solutions for color management and high-precision image capture. This optimizes the archiving and preservation of your valuable assets.
  • Easier consultation : We provide you with innovative technologies that give your customers improved access to your assets. This makes it easier for your visitors to consult and explore the cultural treasures you preserve.

Professional Services

Discover our expertise in project management, distribution and integration of software and hardware solutions designed in-house by our R&D teams. Also explore our range of solutions from our partners.

We offer consulting, training and process optimization services to maximize your company’s performance, quality and organization.

Convinced of the importance of training in the success of your projects IMDS puts its best specialists at your disposal to help you successfully complete your projects. Our training courses cover a range of fundamental knowledge and alternate theory, practical exercises and tests of acquired knowledge.

A team of experts at your service to solve functional problems hardware and software problems.
IMDS guarantees assistance by telephone or by e-mail to answer all your questions.

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