The partial opening scanner that respects fragile books

The Qidenus scanner was designed specifically to handle large volumes of books at high speeds (2200 pages per hour).

Three operating modes are available: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Distributed since 2008, the Mastered is known for its robustness and reliability.


  • Fully automated operations
  • Patented technology
  • Scanning area: A3+ / A2 / A2+.
  • High resolution sensor of last generation.
  • No UV emission
Type of scanner

Manual / Semi-automatic / Automatic


24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale, 1bit b/w

Optical Resolution

Option 1: 300 ppi optical Option 2: 400 ppi optical

Scanning surface model A2

Open book: 600 mm x 440 mm Per page: 300 mm x 440 mm

Scanning surface model A2 +

Open book: 640 mm x 480 mm Per page: 320 mm x 480 mm

A3 scanning surface + odel

Open book: 560 mm x 370 mm Per page: 280 mm x 370 mm


CMOS 12 Mpx-36 mpx per sensor. Available on request: 40 Mpx

Output formats

TIFF, JPEG, PDF, RAW, GIF, XML, single page and multi page, OCR optional.

Scanning speed

2200 pages / hour

Max. book thickness

160 mm.


80° opening angle


Led constant illumination

Software included

Dell quadcore i5/2.3 HGz, 4 GB RAM, win 7/64 bit Pro

Operating systems

QiScan Software Suite: comprehensive SW for image processing, quality control, data conversion, workflow management and OCR.

Patented mechanism

Bionic finger" type page turner

Control page

The integrated single page control system is based on laser light measurement

Secure separation

The Beckhoff SP mechatronic steering system guarantees safe and automatic page separation and turning.

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