The mastery of automatisms

The Mach I ACS is a compact window card scanner.
It produces digital images from aperture cards that are instantly accessible, searchable, viewable, printable or emailed.

The Mach I ACS is capable of reading punched cards and also offers automatic card printing allowing batch scanning without manual assistance. Its ease of use makes it an ideal alternative to current film holders.


  • Inexpensive and comfortable solution to scan window cards directly and at full resolution.
  • Automatic White Balance (AWB) to produce the best possible image of each captured card.
  • Plug&Play” connection via high-speed USB interface.
  • Virtual rescanning to automatically process the image with several filters.
  • Flexible solution; Mach I ACS can digitize any ISO window card, without adding an optional module.
  • And more…
Scanning speed

Speed (200dpi, DIN A2/format C) 370 cards/hour Speed (400dpi, DIN A2/format C) 300 cards/hour

Operating systems

Windows 7 professional (32 bit or 64 bit version).


100 – 400 dpi

Accuracy in magnification

± 0,5%.

Print quality control


Dual recording (Black/White, Grey level)

Yes. (Black/White, Grey Level)

Reduction factor

7.5 to 40x (variable).

Charger capacity

150 cards, automatic transport per batch.

Hollerith card

Automatic (IBM, MIL, STB 804B).

Power supply

110-230 V/270-210 mA.


170 x 460 x 210 mm.


5.8 kg.

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