AD’DOC Capture Pro

With the software package that is AD’DOC Capture Pro, IMDS offers a unique solution compiling automatic reading and intelligent processing of documents for large companies and public administrations. AD’DOC Capture Pro represents a truly complete solution for management of the production and the mass processing of documents.

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IMDS has enhanced its offer with a new «advanced checks» module  in AD’DOC Capture Pro solution to enable check processing solutions for multiple countries.

The new module has the best read rates and accuracy available with an adaptable architecture to meet country-specific format, backgrounds and writing styles.It offers powerful recognition capabilities for many countries: Canada, France, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, India, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Puerto Rico.

Full Stream Document Processing:An integrated solution for recognizing the stream of documents for proof of deposit (POD), including machine-printed and handwritten checks.
Standard Field Recognition:Automatically locate and recognize standard field types on financial documents. The set of fields varies depending on the country, check layout and specific requirements.
CAR/LAR Mismatch: Accurately detec mismatches between check amounts written in numbers (courtesy amount) and letters (legal amount). This provides an added element to detect counterfeit and alterations, and delivers a safeguard against fraud.

With AD’DOC™ Capture Pro you can weigh the immediate returns on your investment.

AD’DOC Capture Pro is an investment that allows a return on investment within the first 9 months on average.


Significant increase of productivity up to 10 times greater than using traditional data entry process
Quality increased up to 4 times greater than manual data entry
Easy configuration (standard interface) and integration (Toolkit) A modular solution adapting to the client’s context with no need for local installation. It can handle large volumes of documents

Automatic Data Entry and Information Processing
AD’DOC Capture Pro digitizes massive amounts of documents and applies an intelligent processing to extract the “useful” information.

AD’DOC Capture Pro has the capacity to :

Verify the coherence of the information read with the client’s context (database)
Processes information according to the specific needs of the organization.
Validates the information.
Fuels and updates the system’s information
Sends information to the different departments concerned.

Scanning and indexing archived documents
From the paper document, the books, the microfiches, the microfilms, AD’DOC Capture Pro processes enormous amounts of information and allows making easily available information that today are archived.
AD’DOC Capture Pro digitizes and indexes these documents to make them accessible on the local information system or internet and allows an efficient consultation.

Sorting of semi-structured documents ( invoices, purchase orders…)
Now available document sorting operation  to provide more advanced features in invoice recognition or any other semi-structured document).
Combining AD’DOC Capture Pro workflow management with your vendors databases, purchase orders…this powerful tool enables you to efficiently integrate accounting elements (amounts, invoices, supplier…in your information database.
With our new learning engine, it will be easier and quicker  to extract data as all new information will be sorted, processed and automatically integrated into your system.

Automated document control
This new feature enables the operator to rapidly compare and detect differences between documents.


This new performance operator module is designed to follow up your operator’s performance indicators. To better measure your profitability and productivity of your production chain, many indicators are now available.        

Document processed per hour  and by steps
Average operator input speed
Speed of processing of a batch by the chain

and many others ! 
Reports generated are totally customisable and will adapt perfectly to your needs.


A complete solution comprised of more than 30 distinct operations for all Automated Document Capture needs.

transversal tool for all incoming document types
centralised, user-friendly administration interface
No installation required on workstations
high performance tool designed to industrialize processing, and to restrict human intervention to the strict minimum
Different OCR/ICR engines representing the best technology on the market that offer reliable recognition of hand-written and typewritten documents, barcodes, check boxes, CMC7 characters, and many more
Efficient user ergonomics to optimize performance, minimize visual fatigue, and minimize manual entry errors
A development toolkit to personalize the software to organization-specific needs, and to integrate it with existing systems

AD’DOC™ Capture Pro functionalities and architecture answer to :

The necessity for easy and secured installation and deployment,
The necessity for high performance, responsiveness and open-endedness,
An “Industrialized Production System” philosophy,
All extensions possible to other applications.


AD'DOC™ Capture Pro engine or external engine

Cursive manuscript

AD'DOC™ Capture Pro engine or external engine


Read and extract content (amount, MICR line,…) AD'DOC™ Capture Pro engine or external engine.


check sorting, sorting of heterogeneous and homogeneous documents.


Checkbox recognition, comb filtering,…


sorting and extraction of multipage invoices and detail lines.


check box, attendance, signature.

Key words

Typed or handwritten keyword recognition (WordSpotting) AD'DOC™ Capture Pro engine or external engine


OCR, ICR, IWR, OMR, plate, Wordspotting,…


MICR CMC7 and MICR E13 b

Codes à barres (1D,2D)

Data Matrix, QR Code…


Twain (32 and 64bits) and Isis standards. AD'DOC™ IIM is compatible with most Kodak, Fujitsu, Innotec, SEAC scanners…

Incoming documents


Base de données

MSSQL, ORACLE, ODBC-compatible.

Images (colour, black and white or greyscale)

PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, JPEG 2000, single or multi-page TIFF.

Outgoing documents



MSSQL, ORACLE, ODBC-compatible.


PDF (image only or text under image), PDF/A (image only or text under image), JPEG 2000, JPEG, TIFF single or multipage.


endorsement of sorted checks, writing MICR line.

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