The partial opening scanner that respects fragile books

The manual scanner “Smart Book Scan 3.0” has all the technical features offered by high-end scanners, including the V-Shape system that offers the possibility of scanning fragile books or opening them only at an angle of 100 °.

The latest CMOS sensors combined with Carl Zeiss lenses provide outstanding image quality.



  • High performance manual scanner
  • Ease of use
  • Speed of execution
  • Accepted formats: A2 and A1
  • High resolution sensor

24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale, 1bit b/w

Max. book thickness

160 mm.


100° V-shaped, 3 mm thick glass


Led constant illumination



Scanning area A1

Open book: 820 mm x 610 mm. Per page: 410 mm x 610 mm

Scanning area A2

Open book: 580 mm x 440 mm. Per page: 290 mm x 440 mm

Advanced image formats

TIFF, JPEG, PDF, RAW, GIF, XML, single page and multi page, OCR optional.

Standard image formats

TIFF, JPEG, PDF, OCR optional.

Image resolution in A2 format

Option 1: 300 ppi optical / 400 ppi interpolated Option 2: 400 ppi optical / 500 – 600 ppi interpolated

Image resolution in A1 format

Option 1: 250 ppi optical// 300-400 ppi interpolated Option 2: 300 ppi optical / 400-600 ppi interpolated

Image processing software

QiScan SW Standard

Recommended configuration

win 7, win 8. Min of 4 GB of RAM

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