Advanced document

IMDS is the creator of the AD’DOC™ concept: THE ADVANCED DOCUMENT™

AD’DOC provides an architecture for managing incoming, outgoing and existing information in the enterprise. Advanced Document is a future-proof solution for business investments in this area. The architecture, as well as the product offering of the AD’DOC range, allow our customers to achieve unmatched productivity gains, integrating a cutting-edge solution to support their evolutions and communication.

The IMDS offer increases productivity and yield:

  • Automated processing of information allows for efficient processing while avoiding errors related to the manual management of documents (follow-up and control)
  • IMDS products allow more information to be processed in less time and therefore reduce processing costs
  • The integration of data into the entire marketing process optimizes customer relations and rationalizes mailing costs, regardless of the medium (letter, e-mail, etc.).
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