The partial opening scanner that respects fragile books

The Qidenus Mastered Book scan 3.0 combines the V-shaped scanning system with automated operations to scan partially opened books at an 80° angle.

The Mastered is equipped with a very innovative system that offers a high level of scanning speed. Equipped with “no button” technology, all operations are automated.


  • Automation of the performing tasks.
  • Exceptional image rendering
  • Scanning formats: A3+ / A2 / A2+ / A1
  • High resolution sensor
  • No UV emission
Type of scanner

Semi-automatic / Manual Innovative high speed system, "no button" technology.


24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale, 1bit b/w

Optical Resolution

Option 1: 250 ppi optical// 300-400 ppi interpolated Option 2: 300 ppi optical / 400-600 ppi interpolated

Scanning surface model A2

Open book: 600 mm x 440 mm Per page: 300 mm x 440 mm

Scanning surface model A2 +

Open book: 640 mm x 480 mm Per page: 320 mm x 480 mm

A3 scanning surface + odel

Open book: 560 mm x 370 mm Per page: 280 mm x 370 mm

A1 system scan area

Open book: 760 mm x 580 mm Per page: 380 mm x 580 mm


CMOS 12 Mpx-36 mpx per sensor. Available on request : 40 Mpx – 60 Mpx

Output formats

TIFF, JPEG, PDF, RAW, GIF, XML, single page and multi page, OCR optional.

Scanning speed

1400 pages / hour

Max. book thickness

160 mm.


80° opening angle, 3 mm


Led constant illumination

Software included

QiScan Software Suite

Operating systems

Dell quadcore i5/2.3 HGz, 4 GB RAM, win 7/64 bit Pro

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