Service provision

Over the years, IMDS has developed a specific expertise, from consulting to development, including project management and team training.
The implementation of the solutions is carried out according to the needs of the customer:

1. Total project management by the client and development of solutions by IMDS suppliers on site
2. Training in document processing tools (software training, printing protocols, page layout, graphic charter, etc.)
3. Total management of the project by IMDS, integrating providers and complementary solutions if necessary
4. Realization of fixed price projects for the delivery of complete solutions
5. Full support and assistance on installed solutions with our TAM team

Some of IMDS‘s favorite areas include:

1. Sorting and grouping of documents to reduce postage costs
2. Visualization of print flows
3. Fast and economical production of personalized documents
4. Transforming business documents into communication vehicles
5. Automation of data entry tasks
6. Automation of incoming mail processing.

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