Customer Communication

IMDS provides leading multichannel Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions and enables you to make the most of customer touch points by creating relevant, real-time, high-impact customer communications.

A multichannel client communications management solution

Manage customer information for greater knowledge of your customers and their environment, offering a personalized experience through relevant and meaningful communications via their preferred communication channel.

Strengthen customer relationships by simplifying billing, visualization of communications and information searching. Deliver a mobile-oriented experience optimized for each channel (paper, web, mobile, IVR and SMS), proactively improving customer engagement.

Our various solutions will enable you to create real-time customer experiences based on accurate customer and behavioral data, proving that you understand customer needs and are responsive.

From high-volume, fully personalized invoices and statements, to self-service web applications and on-demand marketing for account registration and log-in, as well as personalized correspondence and proposals produced interactively by customer-facing employees, our solutions enable you to enhance the customer experience with relevant and meaningful communications via the customer’s preferred channel.

  • Control over all customer communications
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Automated compliance control
  • Increased number of distribution channels
  • Reduced production and postage costs
  • Reduced document inventories
  • Improved productivity through collaboration
  • Improved document design
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