AD’DOC Capture Pro – Version 3.2 is available!

IMDS Canada inc. is delighted to announce the launch of the latest version of AD’DOC, version 3.2.

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Learn about AD’DOC Capture Pro’s technological innovations in intelligent capture.

Customer journey – Know Your Customer (KYC)

With regard to the customer journey and the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) approach, our solution enables account opening and digital identification in real time. This includes the analysis of IDs and supporting documents, as well as facial recognition via a database or IDs.

AD’DOC Cloud

AD’DOC Capture Pro is now available in cloud mode via AD’DOC Cloud. Processes linked to document classification, data extraction, validation and quality control are available in batch or on-demand mode.

Optimization of file indexing

We have perfected folder indexing, enabling the accumulation of data extracted from various header documents while preserving the original information in each document.

Intelligent document classification

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence technologies, it’s now possible to classify your documents intelligently. This innovation reduces application development and maintenance times while increasing automation rates.

Improved definition of the metadata to be extracted

Our enhanced system enables the extraction of predefined data such as “Amounts”, “Dates” or “Identifiers”, taking advantage of our Artificial Intelligence technologies. This means shorter application development and maintenance times, and higher automation rates.

Improved ID card reading

We have improved ID card reading, in particular for data in the visual inspection zone (VIZ ) and machine-readable zone (MRZ).

Sharepoint Connector

The all-new SharePoint connector makes it easy to send images and data to a Microsoft SharePoint server for recording.

Intelligent image cutting processing

Our intelligent image-cutting technology supports images from cell phones, digital cameras and WEB cameras, handling different resolutions.

EPSON Scanners

We have integrated EPSON digitizers, offering complete control over the entire range of digitizers.

Facial recognition

The facial recognition module is now fully integrated into AD’DOC Capture Pro, working independently or in conjunction with other images for real-time file management.

X9 Cheque Processing

Our solution now offers the generation of electronic cheque cashing files (X9) compliant with Canadian standards, as well as the creation of TIFF files compliant with the Tough TIFF standard.

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