AD’DOC 4Capture


is a service offered by
designed to simplify
convert images
and PDF documents into editable
editable formats
. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, users can now obtain editable PDF documents in the blink of an eye – and all at
completely free of charge

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The 4Capture connector, developed in Java for optimum
operates as a Windows service in the background. It provides constant monitoring of the mail server mail server. At regular one-minute intervals, it scans for new e-mails and triggers processing if necessary.

AD’DOC Capture Pro
is the
heart of the production chain
production chain. It incorporates a specific configuration that orchestrates the various stages of treatment. The document goes through a
conversion process
in the AD’DOC Capture Pro solution to generate both an editable document and a PDF.

A few minutes after sending the image, the user will receive an e-mail containing two files: a PDF document and a DOCX document.

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