Services professionals

Consulting, training and services for the optimization of information processing to maximize performance, quality and organization.

Over the years, IMDS has developed a particular expertise, from consulting to development, including project management and team training.

The implementation of solutions is carried out according to the needs of the customer:

  • Total project management by the client and development of solutions by IMDS service providers on site
  • Training on document processing tools (software training, printing protocols, page layout and graphic charter ….)
  • Total project management by IMDS, integrating complementary service providers and solutions as needed
  • Realization of fixed price projects for the delivery of complete turnkey solutions
  • Full support and assistance on installed solutions with our team of Technical Account Managers

Among the fields of interest of IMDS, we find :

  • Sorting and grouping of documents to reduce postage costs
  • Visualization of the print flows
  • Fast, low-cost production of personalized documents
  • Transformation of business documents into communication vectors
  • Automation of data entry tasks
  • Automation of incoming mail processing.
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